Can some please explain


So I came across this by accident and I’m a little confused how it works…
I understand and quite like the idea behind it.

I am however confused at how payments etc. Are made?
So I downloaded and am using the brave browser but nowhere have I been asked to register or ask for a wallet to put bat coins into?
Have I completely missed something?
Is there a dummies guide to BAT and brave lol




Some of this is still being rolled out. Brave is still in beta, meaning it’s actively being developed for official release. Right now, it’s good enough to be used day to day for many of us, but there are still features being worked on.

Eventually, you can sign up to look at advertising curated by Brave that will not track you or collect your information to specifically target you. If you do so, you’ll receive money as the Basic Attention Tokens (BATs) they talked about. You can also add money to your wallet. You may eventually be able to take money out as well, but I’m not positive on that. I’m just a forum user.

As you browse, you can select that sites you frequent be paid back in BAT, with a percentage going towards the pages you regularly view. So if you spend 30% of your time on, say Twitch and 70% on, I don’t know, Youtube, they’ll be paid that percentage.

All of it is optional. You can still use Brave and block all of the ads or you can use it and allow ads.

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So right now the actual BAT are not being given out when we use the browser?
I’m just curious as I havnt needed to log in anywhere, I don’t have any wallet questions and I don’t see much on adverts etc. Like it shows in the videos that iv watched.

I don’t really understand any of this tbh, and if I don’t understand it then I’m sure there will be a lot of others in the same boat as myself.



If you’ve got the latest version of the browser, you can sync your bookmarks (and more later, I believe) by going to brave://sync/ and creating an account, if you don’t already have one. That will give you a phrase that will act as a key to sync Brave on other computers. I’m not sure if this will also link your wallet or not. @Mattches, is this something you’d be able to answer?

I don’t believe that Brave is releasing more BAT right now, but I may be wrong. They have given some out in the past, but I don’t know what the status is at the moment.

I know that since they’re still working on the browser that not everything is quite ready and programmed into the general releases.

This may help as well.



Eventually Sync will sync all data including wallet/rewards information. Right now, its just at bookmark sync while we fine tune the feature.

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So all I can do is use the brave as another Internet browser, nothing else?

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For the moment. The browser is still a work in progress and will have additional functionality in the near future.



So again there is no rewards ATM to use the brave app on my android, correct? It’s merely just taking up memory on my Android.



As I said, no, not yet.



Here are some dummies beginner videos, courtesy of Coinbase. They’re beautifully done:

In general, it’s important that you distinguish between two kinds of people in this ecosystem: (1) publishers/creators, and (2) users.

Publishers/creators are YouTube/Twitch channel owners or website owners, etc. Users of the Brave web browser can tip them.

If you’re a user of the Brave browser, you can access information related to the tipping/donation functionality in brave://rewards. There is also a little triangle logo on the right hand side of your URL bar which allows you actually make tips.

If you’re a publisher/creator, you can manage your donations, verified channels, and so on, in your publisher dashboard at

Here is a tutorial video teaching you how to make a tip, as a user:

You can find more beginner tutorial videos on that YouTube channel (BAT Community).



So is there any future dates that we know when this platform will be up and running and the ideology will be implemented?


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