What do we do with BAT?

Anyone tell me how do we get BAT and what is the use of it


@chulu This post might be useful to you; It explains what to check before earning BATs and opening a custodial wallet.

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BAT is basically for paying the sites you use frequently instead of struggling with advertisers. You earn BAT by looking at advertising, but it is a choice. It’s a very cool concept.

However, to actually use BAT outside of that you have to go through a nonsensical, privacy invading “verification” process with a third party wallet company. This is guaranteed to keep the value of BAT low compared to what it could be if people could use it freely. Imagine if people could freely move BAT on and off the browser and between themselves. BAT would moon big time because so many people are using it. The problem is that Brave is a company that can be targeted by regulators. If they can figure out how to decentralize the BAT part, it would be a very interesting situation.

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As mentioned above, you get BAT by watching ads while browsing.
Some ads are embedded in the image when you open a new tab. Some ads are shown as push notifications, if you activate that option. Some ads are embedded between news when you watch Brave News.

The main purpose of getting BAT rewards is to tip the web pages of your preference. If you have a favourite blogger that you follow frequently, you can tip him/her with BAT.

Another possibility is to move it to a custodial wallet (Uphold, Gemini) and swap by other crypto. It may be subject to taxes in your country. For that you need to open an account in one of those (2) wallets, do the KYC (identity verification), and link your browser to the custodial wallet.

But, let me be honest with you. You do not get rich with it. In average you may get 5 to 10 dollar worth of BAT per month, or even less, depending on your country. Number of ads shown is different from country to country. Let’s say, you can get 2 or 3 beers per month :slight_smile:

bro beer is not allowed for under 18 so I’ll pass

I cannot create an account on Gimini or Uphold cause I’m 16 :disappointed_relieved:
isn’t it unfair😕

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