How to start help me please

Hi, I just installed and now what should I do?
I’m not an author

Hello and welcome to Community! We appreciate you reaching out to us.
To start, I’d recommend thumbing through our Help Center to get yourself familiar with Brave and how to use it.

If you’re looking for assistance with something specific, if you wouldhn’t mind elaborating a bit on what it is you need help with I’d be more than happy to assist you.

please, I would like to understand how it is earned

Are you wanting to earn BAT as a content creator - where users/fans of your content donate BAT to your site? Or are you trying to earn BAT by opting into the Brave Ads platform?


i trying to earn BAT by opting into the Brave Ads platform

As you can see in your Reward Settings, Brave Rewards are not active for use yet. This will get release with one of the upcoming updates.


You actually can use/preview the ads platform right now by downloading the Brave Developer build now. However, since it’s still in testing, the actual earning portion of this feature isn’t in place yet.

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