How to earn money with Brave browser?

Hello everyone I am new user on Brave! Please suggest me how can I earn real money with brave?
Advance thanks:

You can earn BAT by opting in to the Ads programme and allowing Brave browser to show you sponsored ads.

The BAT can be delivered to cryptoexchanges (i.e. Gemini and Uphold), where you can withdraw to a bank account in supported countries.


carrignon thanks for reply. Now supported BD bank account?

BD is Bangladesh?

I think there’s some Bangladesh users on the forum, hopefully they notice this post and are able to help you. Perhaps you can modify the post title to mention Bangladesh.

But based on Uphold and Gemini’s official pages, Bangladesh is not a supported region.

Hello @esocle plus what @carrignon told you. you can get BAT if you are creator (you have youtube channle / githab twitter) so user/friends can tip you with bats

for the ads part do not expect to make a lot of money so your best is around 5$ per month but if you are creator that depend on how many user you have are using brave and also willing to donate some of their bat to you

and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

That’s a kind of upper limit.
In my experience, it’s about 1$/month = 12$/year. After one year, I turned off the ads because ten bucks aren’t worth the hassle.

If he lives in Bangladesh $5 a month could be 1/17 of his salary just using BRAVE to surf the web.


that’s why i said your best is 5$

but some people would store them and waiting for price increase of the BAT so it could value more of course it would take long time

That would be really bad if it were fiat.

However, with the volatility of crypto, as well as BAT’s long-term outlook, 1 BAT (~$1USD) / month doesn’t really mean your balance will be 12 BAT (~$12USD) after 1 year.

I’m supposed to have ~40 BAT tokens, but by doing swaps between BTC and stable coins, my current Uphold balance is ~$120 after ~1 year (50% stable coins now, since crypto just dipped a couple hours earlier). Uphold has negligible fees for swapping within crypto tokens.

It’s not much but I treat it as a fun profitable experiment. If it were really just $12USD I’ll be gone.

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