How do I get paid


I have 70 bats but how do I get paid where do I need to write my bitcoin adresess



Hi @ferdal,

I’m not really sure about what you asked. Can you give more information? Also, are you asking as publisher or user? And which BAT?



How do I get this money that I earned from brave rewards ? Also how to use it or send it my bitcoin account or somewhere else ?



You can’t earn that yet. That wallet’s only purpose at the moment is to support the websites you visit as an alternative to watching ads.



@ferdal you can’t withdraw BAT from BAT grants. It’s purpose is to help user try the Rewards system. If not used within 90 days, it’ll “expired” and will be sent back to User Growth Pool.

Soon, once Brave Ads is live, you can earn BAT by watching opt-in, private Brave Ads. And you’ll be able to withdraw BAT that you earn.



Have any idea when this feature is coming?

I love this idea, love the idea of paying providers as well. Tips, awesome.

BUT. If I don’t have a way of pulling money out. I will NEVER put money in. Period.



No ETA. Thanks for your patience @chazzcoin.



wtf? it makes sense that they would want you to use the money to support content creators

When was the last time you were paid to use a great product? Never. Normally you pay to use it. They are giving you seed money so that you can incentivize content creators to sign up for the platform. Don’t be rude



I think you misunderstood what I am saying.

I am not asking to take out the ‘free’ BAT they have given me and would never expect that. What I am saying, one day we will get paid BAT from advertisements and I will also want to deposit BAT into my account to use.

If I can’t withdraw, all of this is meaningless. I’m not being rude, I’m being practical. I use the browser literally every single day and have been trying to tip sites with their free BAT. I hold my own BAT. If you want mass adoption, these things are must.



Thanks for the response! Wasn’t trying to come off as rude, just a fellow developer loving the future of this product!!



take a look, i have submited all my bat to brave community and nothing happens… i used my february balance for that and still no bat from march, mostly i read ppl complain for similar things, and if you create a new account you got gifted balance but for the common users that were beeing using brave more than 1 month ago no balance replenish and plus youre forced to use uphold giving you not option to use other wallet system and you still making allegance of a product that pays the user to browse internet, tell me now about what you wrote as reply bcz i dont see any progress or changes or nothing i will inquire again why do we have to be forced to use uphold? just tell me bcz is pretty unfair as is a cryptocoin bassed on ETH
laters dude think a bit about this am i wrong chummer?



Time man. Give it time.


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