Value per Ad is now 0.01 bat?

I have noticed since the last 2 or 3 updates the value of ads has become lower from 0.1 bat per ad to 0.01 or 0.025 bat per ads. So if a new user will start earning he would probably wait 50-125 days to verify his/her account, given the value of ads ranges from 0.01-0.025 bat /ad.


it depend on exchange rate and also some setting that the advertiser choose

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I am facing this issue as well. 0.010 bat for an ad is very low i.e. 1/10th of the previous amount. Please fix this developers.

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I was getting 0.100 or 0.150 bat for all the ads until two days ago. 1.18.75 made it 0.010 per ad which is too low.


After the recent update I have also noticed this. Per ad from 0.025 BAT it went down to 0.010 BAT which is very low. It doesn’t go well with that users will opt in for the Brave Rewards.

  1. value for ads are not fixed each ads has it’s own price/value
  2. this value set by the advertiser not brave
  3. another thing can affect this value which is the exchange rate of BAT

if you notice recently all cryptocurrency gain a lot ofcourse cause the vaccine of the virus go check the price change just for last week and you will see that

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Isn’t it weird that every advertiser reduced their payout drastically at the same time? Exchange rate argument could have been valid if BAT had surged to 2$ but instead it went from 0.22$ to 0.25$. It’s most likely a bug.

it’s not a bug
1)by a financial point of view there something called risk management imagine the rate keep going like that and at the end of month brave would see they in debit do you think they will do that

in exchange rate thing does not move like if it increase by 5% bat price go down by 5% it has to calculate the expected behavior

another factor the more user join brave it could decrease the bat value or maybe increase it as it would attract many advertiser

there many factor

another thing never think of bat would give you a huge money cause that would not happen

brave give us 70% and kept 30% for them self from the ads revenue

Yeah I get your point. It would be the best if some Brave official can give their word on this.


Yes most of crypto. But bat doesntade such difference according to its previous price.

for the past 7 day it raise 20% for 30 day 23% check the precentage not the value

I think on android the ads are still rewarding 0.100 BAT (NOT SURE)

if it the same ads and you use the same region and if you use vpn it the same then this ads value does not change by platform so no matter ios/android/desktop

Okay got it…

@Silencer1069 @justsomeone1 this one may help How does the 70% revenue share work regarding exchange rate flactuations?


It’s seems a bug to me. Before I was receiving 0.100 per ad and when I manually updated it to 1.18.75 all of a sudden started receiving only 0.010 per ad!

Same thing happened before as well and many people reported it

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True. It seems like a bug. But it can be only addressed when people stop pasting the FAQ section as replies.


Yes indeed,.but as you know other users are.ok with their shares of 0.01 or 0.025 per ad.

thanks @eljuno :slight_smile:

It is definitely a bug unlike what @justsomeone1 said.

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