I lost about 0.40 USD in the past two days

In the last month, i had managed to gather around 1.50$. The day before yesterday, it dropped to 1.2$, yesterday to 1.15$ and even after viewing like 20 ads in these days, it’s still stuck at 1.15$. I’ve noticed people saying that they are now getting only 0.01BAT for one ad (which is really slow), but I’ll consider that as a bug right now. But where did my already accumulated credits go? I need them returned before I stop using your browser, not gonna waste time on a few cents and then have them taken away just like that.

you are good dud :joy:…I get only two ads per day (2x0.025) and thats it! :sweat_smile:

BAT value dropped from 0.24 to 0.21 $ thats why…and 0.010 BAT for one ad is not a bug

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If I don’t even get paid a cent for this, I might as well stop using it. It’s unfair for them to take away my already accumulated tokens. THANKS BRAVE!

you do know that the dollar Value of BAT is subject to demand and supply right?

The value of BAT are always changing just like other currencies.

Sure, not a coincidence at all! BAT value decreases and they start giving 0.01 BAT for one ad at the same time. No, not sus at all. Even the homepage ads pay you more than the notification ones.

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