Per Ad BAT reduce to 0.005! Is anyone getting more than 0.005 ads

Anyone getting like more than 0.005 per ad bat! I am only getting 0.005 bat per ad

Its not a bug, its a feature

Did Brave reduce the BAT per ad now or is there any reason.

Yeah apparently that’s what’s happening. As the price of the BAT keeps rising the reward per ad will keep decreasing

Even getting ad is too low now like 1 or 2 ads in an hour or not even 1 for many hour? Do u have this issue too?

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Yeah its happening to everyone. When the advertising revenue doesn’t increase in the same proportion with the increase in the new users, the number of ads and reward per ad will go down.

not even getting ads from 6 hours

It’s a feature I think

Many users will leave if per ad token didn’t increase after some time

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Same here waiting for ad!!:joy::joy:

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