The BAT Value Per Ad

If the BATs per ad value is not fixed and it changes on many factors then why is it only worth 0.025 every time now? I don’t get a variety of both 0.05 and 0.025. It’s been “fixed” at 0.025 since August 5th. This is first time I’m seeing it not worth 0.05 per ad. Does it stay one value for the whole month?

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There’s ads that give you 0.025 BAT. There’s ads that give you 0.05 BAT. etc. It’s vary. Depends on the ads campaign itself.

Again, the one thing that never change, you get 70% of the rev. share.


Hmm. I guess I’ve been incredibly lucky because I’ve never received 0.025 BAT from an ad before, not since this August 5th, and I’ve been enabling ads for a few months now. Alright. That’s a shame. It already takes 20+ ads to earn 1 BAT and that takes two or three days. It’s very difficult to tip people with any legitimate BATs when it takes so much to earn so little, pennies. I think the BAT value per ad should be increased.

There’s ads that give you more. But again, it’s depend on the advertisers itself when they setting up their campaigns.

I also feel like the bat value should increase. Since daily max ads we can receive only 20. Now some ads become 0.025 mean our monthly BAT get will reduce also. Just wonder does this will affect BAT price increase in market since the value of bat per ads reduce ? :thinking:

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I also experienced the same thing, before August 5, the value per add is 0.05 and now 0.025.
even though the ad that I saw was the same as last month’s ad.

I think this problem also occurred last month when the payment was in progress, the value per add went down.

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