0.001 BAT per Ad .. Seriously!

Brave Rewards has decreased a lot…Please fix it to.previous levels

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Check this topic BAT rewards drop from 0.01 BAT/ad to 0.001 BAT/ad

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It will come back to much more in time.

Not unless enough people stop using Brave to cause them to lose money and see they were wrong to treat us like this. at 10 ads per day with most being .001 you will need months to earn a couple bat. Brave just became a huge joke thinking this is fair in any way.

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I believe in the Brave team and I really honestly doubt they are doing any sort of bait and switch. If what your saying is true and we are getting a drastically reducted BAT reward it must be for a reason and is likely just going to be a temporary growing pain.
Brave.com/transparency shows that 70% of ad spend goes back to users and I know that papa Eich has no desire to change that. He said so on his Lex Friedman interview.

The CEO has tweeted out that the rewards needed to be adjusted. So this has happened and there is no way that they are paying you 70% of the revenue for the ads you are seeing now, unless they got straight rolled in contract negotiations. With the most common ad being worth .001 you will now take months to earn 1 or 2 BAT.

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.001 BAT per Ad is better than 0 BAT so. I can’t really complain too much. The Value of BAT is definitely steady and strong in the Crypto Market.

Sucks that it has become less per ad, seems it has increased a bit to .005, but hard to complain when you don’t have to even view the ad, or just click the new tab a few times for free money you arent getting from other browsers, and still using a really good browser.

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