Brave Ads Value 0.5 then reduced to 0.25 and now value is 0.15 and even 0.05 why its getting reduced. If this continues then people will not use this browser

Brave ads value reducing day by day! First it was 0.500 then 0.250 now 0.150 and even 0.005 now why will people use brave if it continues to reduce the value

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The price of BAT Keeps going up. That’s the way it’s going to be. When BAT hits 1 dollar the rewards are going to be .00005

I got 0.010 per ads at now

And min verified uphold 25 bat … 4+ month using brave to get bat :joy::joy:

Yes Bro! :joy::joy: What’s the logic of using the brave then. :joy::joy:

Bro why the value is reducing is this a bug or this will continue to reduce the value

This statement from @eljuno

“Brave Ads value is vary and it’s up to the advertisers itself when they setting up their ads campaign.”

I think not bug …
but i hope its bug :joy:

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2 month ago 4 bat= 1 USD and rewards per ads = 0.050. Now 3 bat = 1USD and rewards per ads is 0.025 for some days and now rewards per ads is 0.010…

So are we balanced or we are getting low? I cant understand

All ads value are varying! Some giving .25 and some giving lower

Have you ever earned more than 0.025/ads ? in last 2 weeks, since brave reduce price ads to 0.025 ?

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I not get more than 0.025/ads