BAT ad reward lowered?

It could just be me, but do the ads give less BAT than they used to?

I could swear I was getting upwards a tenth per ad and now am earning around a thousandth to a couple hundredths percentile per ad.

Naturally, if the value of BAT goes up then the amount that you get will be lower. It has gone up and even went past the previous all time high so expect less amount from now on.


I figured it wasn’t just me. Just had to be sure. :grinning:

Why is it going down ? We always receive 70% no?

We still receive 70% of whatever the advertiser makes an agreement on with brave. So if they strike a deal of ads for 0.010 bat, 0.005, 0.025, 0.0005 etc we will get 70% of whatever that amount is. Basically when BAT value is low, the most common paying ads are 0.010. When BAT value is high, expect more ads of 0.005

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Please is it possible to get less than 0.004 per ad?
I started with my brother we’re living together but he is receiving more ads than I and he earns more per ad than I too
I don’t know what’s the issue?

There is not much you can do to manipulate what ads you see. I can have two devices running the exact same time and they do not show ads at the same time nor the same types of ads. The only thing that affects ads is the country you live in and the ads that are supported in that region.


Ok I got you
Thank you

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