Had 3.030 bats, saw 4 adds and now got 3.034. What?

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Yes friend, now they only pay 0.001 bat for ads, let’s hope it’s a mistake, because it seems like an abuse on the part of Brave


Abuse of what exactly getting free BAT instead of not getting anything?
I am sure this is just a bug , I would use their browser anyway.

if we hope it’s just a mistake

I am thinking that Maloonie’s opinion is correct in this regard. I would have to assume that the ad payout is actually based off a standard currency. By that I mean that we are likely receiving ~.013 (USD) per ad view.

TL;DR You are only perceiving that you are receiving less BAT is because of the recent fluctuations in the valuation of BAT.

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But BAT price has been decreasing latest days, shouldnt the reward go up to match 0.13 usd?

Good point. I’m really not sure now lol

Last month bat was on less than 1$ and still paying 0.010 or 0.025 so…

Now is paying less than $0.01 per ad, hope this its just a temporal bug to fix brave rewards errors

Closing this because there isn’t anything here. For those in the thread:

  • The value (price) of BAT fluctuates, just like all other Crypto. This is why the total conversion to USD changes. This is not a bug.
  • The price per ad viewed will also fluctuate based on a variety of factors such as the ad campaign itself, the region you’re located in, etc. This is not a bug.
  • If you see your Estimated Pending Rewards for the month drop, you’re likely running into the following issue, which will be fixed in the next browser update: