UX/UI on iPad: too bad

I’m very disappointed about the User Experience (UX) with the User Interface (UI) on iPad…

I use my iPad like a PC with my keyboard and trackpad and the interface are not very efficient and intuitive and not enjoyable.

First of all, when I use the trackpad with my ipad (magic keyboard) the experience is not smooth and pleasant because unadapted. Some buttons have the “dynamic cursor” option, but most of them dosen’t have, for it’s not intuitive and frustrating for the user who use the application. Here is a example :

Also is difficult to close tabs in the tabs bar. The cross button is little and dosen’t have the dynamic cursor to be more easy to click, and we can’t close a tab if we are not on the page, the cross as show only if you are on the page. So it’s more unpleasant for us.

Also we can’t create or manage tabs how we want. It can be nice to add a feature when we right-click (or click longer) on the tabs have a menu that show “Create a group with this page” and “Close this tab” or other features like that.

I don’t understand why in the “…” menu we have another “Share with…” button, because we have already the button on the upper left who are showed always.

And about the “…” menu on upper right of the browser it’s very very very unsuitable… I can never find my way, very bad UX. You have options who are not categorized, and some are just in the wrong category. Also you have tools not useful and when you are looking for the good tool you can’t find it.
Also, the “settings” menu is not good. It open in the same “…” menu and not in a full-screen more readable menu like bookmarks. You need to make the settings menu more simple please really. Maybe redesign it, literally. And add a search bar because we need to scroll down…. it’s just not usable.

To navigate on my iPad i prefer using Safari, i’m sorry, but you really need to review your UX of Brave Browser on iPad.

Thank you for your consideration.
See you soon,

User of Brave very sad to see the user experience on iPad :melting_face: