iOS app user experience

I really enjoy using Brave on the desktop. It’s packed with the features that a privacy geek like me absolutely love. The same thing on mobile. But the overall user experience on the iOS app is not that good. The search bar at the top and the buttons on the bottom dock where the back, forward, share are lined is too little. I can’t emphasize the littleness of it enough. It’s not very convenient to use for people with larger fingers. I know this is probably not a priority since the whole point of Brave is ad and tracker blocking but it would really be great if Brave did something to improve the UX of the iOS app.

Check out Opera Touch for design hint: Opera Touch

I just thought I should share my feedback on iOS. Thank you for building a great product.

Most of these features are to be expected with sync when fully developed. The quick tab switch could be added via feature request @mattches may love to look into that

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