Tab Button Changes - v. 1.35.1

iPhone 13, iOS 15.3, Brave v. 1.35.1 (change noted since v. 1.35)

The tab button functionality in this release has changed and potentially has lost some functionality. I’m interested if anyone else has encountered this whether you think it’s better or worse. Personally, I feel “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

  1. The tabs button can no longer be initiated while screen is scrolling, it has to be completely stopped.

  2. There is no longer any haptic feedback when the tab button is pressed.

  3. The tab menu layout has changed making it a bit easy to close all tabs accidentally.

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Hi, we updated it to make it look more modern and to match Safari.
We will add haptic feedback to them,

for close all tabs, would you prefer to have a prompt before removing them? I see this is what Safari does

Hi, thanks for the reply. I think the look is clean and sharp. The main change I feel needs review is having to stop scrolling before “tab” button responds. This makes closing/switching tabs much slower now. In regards to closing all tabs accidentally, it might just be my muscle memory or has the menu order been reversed e.g. “Close All Tabs” used to be on top? No need to copy Safari when your product is the best :+1:

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Version 1.35 (
Device iPhone 7 Plus (iOS 15.3)

I have the same complaint as point number 3 above, “The tab menu layout has changed making it a bit easy to close all tabs accidentally.”

I’m guessing that “Close Tab” is used far more frequently than “Close All X Tabs.” Until this version the “Close Tab” option has been the bottom-most option. In that position it was easy to locate and easy to reach with my thumb. In this release the “Close Tab” option is imbedded in the midst of the other options which makes it harder to select with my thumb AND the text on the new menu and the menu items seem to be reduced in size from the prior version. Both of those changes make it harder to locate and touch “Close Tab.” Since the change I have mistakenly and frustratingly chosen “Close All Tabs” several times, even while working on this reply! I prefer the prior layout and size of the controls.

Thanks by the way for the Brave browser on iOS!

Thanks for your feedback, we will try to fix it soon, we plan to add a prompt before removing all tabs and maybe some haptic feedback.

Regarding the first point about scrolling we are not sure what is the problem you see?
If you can explain it more or tell us how does it work differently compared to Safari or any other browser

Perhaps complaint number 1 is related to the time delay newly(?) introduced to the tab button? My memory may be faulty but it seems as though pauses or time delays have also been added to the tab controls of the new version.

Old behavior:

  • tap tab button
  • immediate change to all open tabs view

New behavior:

  • tap tab button
  • time delay, then change to all open tabs view

Also from the list of open tabs screen:

Old behavior:

  • tap an open tab from the list
  • immediately that tab zooms out to fill the display

New behavior:

  • tap an open tab from the list
  • time delay, then that tab zooms out to fill the display

Also, new “bouncy” visual effects seem to have been added to at least some of the tab actions (display tab menu, display list of open tabs) and those take time to complete and thus may add to the perception of time delay. At least that is my perception.

I have a 10 second video example of this (.mp4) but I can’t upload it as a “new user”. Let me know if it would be useful and how best to upload/share

OK, let me try to explain the scrolling change on my iPhone….

I often open multiple new tabs from Google on a searched topic. I quickly scroll through the page to review it and decide I no longer want that page open. Previously, I could press the ‘tab’ button and the menu would open while the screen was still in motion/moving/scrolling. Now, when I press the ‘tabs’ button, it changes colour but the menu doesn’t open until the page scrolling comes to a complete stop.

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Both the built-in response delays and the bouncy effects, if I have to wait on them before I can use the controls, cause a reduction in the performance of the app. Neither is desirable in my opinion.

I fixed this, changes:

  • There is a haptic feedback now when long pressing the tabs button
  • ‘Close all tabs’ button is placed above ‘close single tab’ btn, should make it harder to tap it by accident
  • When closing multiple taps, there will be a confirmation prompt showing, similar to Safari-iOS

This will land in iOS 1.36

For the scrolling issue, I do not see anything we can change, the long press gesture now is a part of Apple’s api, part of the new UIMenu logic they added in iOS 14 or 13

Thanks Michal, I appreciate your interest and support.

Just a final observation on activating the tab button while scrolling, this feature is still working in Chrome, Edge & Firefox but not Brave.

Thank you very much for listening to and considering our feedback!

Version 1.36 (
BraveCore 1.36.108 (99.0.4844.51)
Device iPhone 7 Plus (iOS 15.4)

Really appreciate the changes. :grinning:

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