Trackpad “issue”

To start i wanna say that i have no idea if this issue is with iPadOS or the brave app itself but As you can see in the image (that i dont know if its uploaded correctly) when i right click/click with 2 fingers then apple opens its own menu and thats annoying but i can live with that the issue is that lets say im on discord on my browser (for it being a desktop site) then if i right click then discord opens its own menu and also my ipad opens its annoying menu, i want to get rid of the apple menu but the reason im asking in brave support instead of apple support is because the issue happens in browsers and not on any other app (to my knollage) so if anyone knows how to turn it off then it would be greatly appreciated

It might also be worth mentioning that while this menu is open i cant click on anywhere else on the screen, i need to click somewhere else to make the menu disappear (no matter where even if i click on a buttor on a webpage nothing will happen until the menu disappears) and after I click somewhere else i can go back to whatever i was doing

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