Any Plans For Allowing Customization of the User Interface?

I understand the need to switch to Chromium but there are certainly some things I liked about the other user interface that it would be nice to change back to if possible. Put an option in the settings to switch adjust it.

Obviously people have already talked about the ability to hover over a tab to open it feature that the old Brave had but I’m talking about a couple other things.

One was the option to have favicons or not in the Bookmarks Bar. I usually turned them off because some websites either don’t have them or they don’t load properly. I think I once opened a thread about reloading favicons in the bookmarks but I think it’s gone at this point now. (Certainly would still be a nice feature.)

So again I turned off favicons also for a more compact bookmarks bar as well so it would be nice to have that feature. (Along with being able to reload favicons if possible or even customize them.)

The other part I liked was the placement of the tabs. I liked them being on the bottom rather than the top so it would be nice to have the option to change that.

Obviously these things are low priority as I know you’re mainly working on making the browser not be a RAM gobbling monster like Chrome is but it’s certainly some nice options that could be implemented.

I mean it was already done in the old browser so it’s not like you’re working from scratch for it.

P.S. Not sure if this is supposed to go in this forum or the Browser Feedback one. Feel free to move it if so.

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brave being simililar to chrome now is just perfect for mass adoption. we dont need a weird browser like it used to be…!!! tabs over the address bar are the most convenient for sure, keep it up the new brave team!

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