Community Conversation: Your thoughts on Brave

Hey all. Lately I’ve seen lots of topics and posts about people concerned on a number of issues, such as:

  • Regions not being supported
  • Issues with BAT payments (missing or lower than expected)
  • Accounts being flagged (sometimes repeatedly)
  • Discontinuation of support for Windows 7 & 8
  • It appearing like no attempts to add alternative custodial partners
  • Forcing people to Reset Rewards if they chose the wrong country (therefore losing their BAT in the process)
  • Changes to Sync which have caused people to lose passwords and other information

And quite a bit more. That said, I want to ask everyone to do a favor. Answer the following three questions.

1. What do you like most about Brave?

2. What do you dislike/hate most about Brave?

3. If you could ask just one question about Brave, what would it be?

Ideally, I’m hoping to get a lot of engagement on this topic from people. If we do, then we’ll be able to get some of the questions answered and hopefully get developers & executives to consider changes (on at least some things that get mentioned). If it goes with little to no replies, then of course it just goes dead and little will ever change.


Reminder: I am not employed with Brave. Community Ninja just means I’m an active user who has spent a lot of time helping people in my spare time.


(1) It is safer (more private) than other browsers. It is faster than other browsers. I love the sidebar, reading list, newsfeeds, new tab customization options.

(2) The Rewards program seems a bit buggy; I no longer use it. Brave seems faster and completely grief-free now after opting out of the Rewards/Ads program.

(3) Will Brave consider adding a Brave Mail service to replace GMail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook Mail, etc.?


Please can you reset the region settings so we can all start out again, now that we know to use country associated with our ID and not our physical location/IP :pray:

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I’ve just liked the idea of good performance and the extra earnings through BAT. When I first started using Brave, I was homeless and struggling. The extra money each month was a significant help, allowing me to eat on days I would have otherwise gone hungry. How well Brave did with adblock, the extra income, and the decent performance made the transition from Chrome a no-brainer for me and I’ve stuck around ever since.

Their public relations is horrible. Information can be incredibly difficult to find and when found, it’s not always the most up-to-date. Part of where I became active here was to try to help get information to people and to have hopes that maybe helping some of the “easier” solutions, support would be able to spend more time and effort to helping others.

Brave has made progress in some areas, but still lacking or worse in others. I still hold big hopes for the company but know there’s a lot of areas that they need to focus on improving to be more successful.

What would it take for you to improve communication with Users and become more transparent?


Probably the Ad - block which comes handy all the time and also the privacy which I get.

Not being as transparent as they pretend to be. Before they make major changes, I think they should inform through an official channel. They can’t say that no one knew about it. Since Developers won’t write a new code / make changes to existing code without any inputs from their superiors or something. lol

Any possibility that Brave will start being more transparent about stuff they do ?
Like any stuff regarding rewards, privacy, ad blocking and anything the Browser has.

@Saoiray I appreciate the time you’re taking for such things. That’s something remarkable !


I agree with @SmartyAadi points. I have also expressed my concern in several threads in this community over the past 4 years, more so in the last 2+ years regarding the support level going downhill due to the increased user base without a corresponding increase in support personnel.
Support is a two-way venue. The end-user has to communicate the issue but the support personnel have to communicate back to the end user that an issue is being looked into and a solution is being worked on. Don’t leave the end user in the dark. They will get frustrated and switch to other browsers.

I use Brave as a Browser for privacy and have had no interest in BAT or Crypto since I started using Brave back in Sept 2018.

  1. I like braves general crypto integration most. rewards, the brave wallet, future BAT plans etc.

  2. I most dislike the utter lack of transparency/ clear communication regarding support issues. and of course my constant flagging issues.

  3. I’d ask when they will start taking actual user support seriously, as opposed to focusing solely on community engagement. i.e. less time on nft projects, more on working ad rewards.

multiple paid brave employees spent months working almost exclusively on a solana nft project ffs. I’m sure that the fact my rewards have been messed from about that same exact time is completely unrelated yet it still feels like a slap in the face.


I’m a fan of the security and privacy features of the browser. The ad-blocker works well the bounce block and blocking AMP are nice additions. I appreciate that the browser is open source. I like that it feels fast and shows the privacy statistics front and center on new tabs. I like Vivaldi, but they are more interested in novel additions to their browser than to being as serious about privacy as I would like.

I understand the value that people place on the crypto aspects, but I don’t have any use for them. I’m concerned that Brave could put making money over users. I am aware of previous controversies about whitelisting (a non issue for me) and the redirects on crypto marketplaces (more of a concern). I remember the issues with broadcasting info while connected to Tor and how long it took to get that fixed. I prefer Vivaldi’s leadership to Brave’s. I trust them more, but I prefer Brave as a product because of the privacy and security it provides.

What I would like to know is what will Brave do to reassure users that these indiscretions were one-time things and not omens of things that will come.

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Sharing screenshots of responses from posts over on Reddit below this comment. Also hoping to still get more engagement from Community here.

I think I got everything. I know partway through my phone decided to act up and uploaded some extra things. And then I lost track but I tried doing it in rows of three. I’ll look at it later.

It is amazing to see some of the differences of opinions. But I have noticed it was very few people spoke highly of Brave Wallet or crypto in general. I would’ve thought that there would be more positive about it, especially with how it seems to be Brave’s main priority these days.