My thought about Brave browser

Hello everyone,

As the title says, and this is my opinion about Brave development.
I really beginning to think that Brave is going the wrong way…
They focusing as fuck on Brave Rewards, Publisher, Crypto Wallet, etc…
I think those feature are now well implemented : we can now sync properly Uphold with brave rewards and brave rewards just need a couple of tweaks to be fully functional

The problem is that they just gave up the browser itself :expressionless:

  • We NEED, and here I speak for everyone, a working Sync/Account feature… Sync for now is just to bad, there is now sync in real time, u can just sync your bookmark and thats it. when I had a bookmark on my computer (at least for now) my bookmarks doesn’t sync to my brave mobile app : WTF ?? who thought that was a good idea ??
    This is a deal breaker for me…
    Brave is focus on Privacy, this is nice, i love that, but Vivaldi managed to Give us a Sync feature for every devices (Android too since 1 month) with an end-to-end encryption and totally secure !
    So Brave What the f*** are you doing ? You know this exist and you are doing nothing, or at least we don’t know.

  • Second, with the switch to chromium last year, YOU told us that Brave was partially focusing on Browser customization to let the user set up there browser as they like it to be (mostly address bar above the tab bar as Muon was).
    But again, there is just a little setting skin but nothing that we can personalize.
    I don’t ask Brave to be as customisable as Vivaldi is, but do something…

  • last thing is brave shield, I love the feature and this is mandatory, but i miss something : the possibility to interact live with the pages as Ublock does : dynamic filtering. I was told that Brave was working on it. is there any news on this @Asad ?

So anyway Brave IS a really good browser, but if Devs continue in this path and don’t focus on user interaction and utilization, Brave will just crash…


Since you mentioned Vivaldi, Vivaldi is intriguing and extremely customizable—but it is extremely frustrating at times, too, for me—sorta’ buggy feel to it, yet.

Brave is faster, extremely good with ads/trackers, etc— this is what Mskes Brave #1 for me. Brave can be customized via extensions—uBlock Origin can be added if that is what you want, also.

Brave has a built-in “reader “ option that works very well, too.

yes i have the same feeling bout vivaldi.
just hope that brave will turn and listen more to its community…

Hey @rficasa,

We’re definitely working on some pretty big improvements to Sync, but I can’t reveal anything just yet. Rest assured, though, that we’re taking user feedback on this very seriously.

Customization is coming on the way too. In regards to dynamic filtering, not sure – @fanboynz might have some stuff to add here. :slight_smile:


@rficasa regarding improving sheilds, yeah there is lots more we can do. Currently we’re testing cosmetic filtering and some ublock origin snippet support. So Ideally there is less compatibility issues between ubo and brave in the adblock lists. We can’t make a one-to-one copy all the features of ubo, but we can share ideas between the 2 projects.

Either way, ubo will still work in Brave, as with any other Chrome extension.

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