My Daily frustration w Brave

Brave has some frustrating issues that I encounter on an ongoing basis:

  1. Inability to delete specified cookies upon exiting the browser which is a year-old bug that has yet to be fixed. It can be solved by adding yet another extension on the browser on Windows
  2. Inability to sync ALL Open Tabs across Windows and iOS devices. Only select tabs are sync between windows machines with no Open Tabs being synced to iOS devices
  3. Inability to sync all settings between Windows devices
  4. Inability to configure the NTP to have sites that the end-user wants to show there. This was something that has been requested for 3+ years. Currently one has to use an extension to do that. There supposedly is a fix in the nightly builds to allow this ability but time will tell if it’s any good. After all, SyncV2 was supposed to work.
  5. Thankfully I do not have to rely on Brave to save my passwords but instead, use a separate password manager because as far as I understand it passwords are not synced to mobile devices.
  6. Timely support response to issues over on Brave Community.

1 & 2 don’t exist in MS Edge on Windows. Neither does 2 on iOS. I have absolutely no interest in BAT nor in crypto and simply want a browser that works cross-platform and does not hamstring me on doing my daily work.

BAT payment issues, BAT accounts missing money, ad issues seem to be prevalent posts here in Brave Community and on Reddit. I often wonder how many of the Brave users are primarily using Brave for BAT. Surely these BAT issues are affecting timely support for other non BAT issues and remedying those other issues. I have experienced that first hand over the past year so much so that the first place I go for support issues is Brave’s Github area. Perhaps rather than rolling out more features and services, beef up the level of support. Support is one thing back in 2018 that impressed me in the Brave Community I can not say the same today. I wonder how much Goodwill that Brave has lost.

Seemingly isolating mobile from desktop and vice versa when it comes to sharing information is something Brave still has an issue with. I am wondering how many users new and long-term users simply move on because they need an interplatform browser that is able to exchange information rather than make the device an island unto itself.


I think brave has a setting to clear cookies on exit, I’m not sure.

I only want specific cookies to be cleared NOT all cookies. Specific cookies clearing has not worked properly for a year now.