Brave needs your feedback

Hiyah all. Ross here from the Product team.

I have a friendly survey here to gather some insight on how you all use Brave.

Brave Sync is a feature that lets you sync browser information between profiles, devices and computers to keep everything up to date with your latest activity so you can pick up right where you left off. This survey is to help give us some insight on your favorite ways of using this tool.

Take the Sync Survey


Great to listen to the users. Submitted.

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Great survey @rossmoody. Nice to see you guys working to improve Sync; The Survey is very quick and straightforward. :slight_smile:

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Filled it out. The survey is good for aggregate data and listening to our votes for those features you mention in it. But it feels like almost being ignored because there is a ton of feedback in this community. Why not start there with features and fixes that we, your active and loyal users, are looking for?


Is this like a joke?

The sync feature has yet to work ever for me on any platform, PC (win/linux), Tablet, iOS, Android nada.


@julesg Thanks for taking the survey. I review all feedback in community for features I’m a part of. This is just another mechanism for making educated decisions.

@420coupe Not a joke. Trying to gather information to make informed decisions for when we move the sync functionality out of beta. Please do take the survey to help if you’d like.


i haven’t been able to successfully sync on any device, but provided feedback either way.

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My experience: Brave’s Sync (Muon; Chromium version 0.59.34 and later) appears to add all bookmark entries to all active sync-enabled instances. The current arrangement more or less assures many duplicated entries as well as the reappearance of old / deleted entries. I find this worse than useless. It necessitates expending considerable time and effort cleaning up the resulting mess. Thank you Department of Redundancy Department.

What follows works for me with one 32-bit and two 64-bit Windows 7 desktop installations. It’s 110% empiricism. It’s entirely possible what I did won’t reproduce the same results on other installations; and if you’re using a different operating system, what I do may have no relevance. Free advice; worth every penny.

Be warned: my alternative to Brave Sync is sort of like taking an ax to a lifeboat to test a personal flotation vest. There may be a better way. Two consequences either of which might be deal-breakers for others: first, some (but not all) preferences are restored to their defaults; second, extensions must be re-installed. That said, my experience is that once I personalize a browser’s preferences and add bookmarks, updating preferences and bookmarks is infrequent; further, it seems with subsequent Brave releases that fewer preferences are restored to defaults. Bravely onward.

Search your computer for an entry similar to:

C:\Users*****\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\

where C:\ is the drive where Brave is installed and ***** is your user name. If you inspect the properties of this entry, it should have hundreds of sub-directories (folders) and thousands of files. I transfer this entry to the equivalent location on the target computer. I use Microsoft’s free SyncToy 2.1 application: SyncToy’s “Echo” action transfers entries from source to target that don’t currently exist on the target; updates older existing entries on the target; and deletes entries on the target that aren’t on the source. Other users commenting on Sync issues suggest other third-party sync products, e.g.:

I do this with the computers physically networked through a common router, but that’s not required. All that’s required is that the computers be available on the same network. Physically networked, the operation takes about a minute.

Unknown: I suppose it’s possible to upload the source data either to cloud or portable storage and subsequently copy the stored source data to a target. I haven’t tried this. The benefits of using SyncToy – this is key – is that I define what’s the source and what’s the target.

Despite the nuisance of having to re-set some preferences (which I prudently made note of beforehand) and reinstall extensions, there’s one overarching benefit to this approach: in addition to updating bookmarks on the target computer(s): personalized extension preferences are transferred too. If you use any extension with personalized preferences, you know: this is Very Good.

As noted above, there may be a better way to do this. And beyond the two shortfalls I mentioned, my workaround may have other perils of which I’m unaware. Perhaps Brave will alter its implementation of Sync to make it actually useful. In the meantime, what I described works for me.

At the moment the sync function as brave it offers is not really my thing, but I’m interested to see how it’ll turn out in the future.

Very timely survey - I was trying to figure out whether Brave was still syncing between my tablet and laptop, and whether I had it set up correctly, and how sync worked. The help was completely confusing, and didn’t match what I was seeing on my devices, so I came over here to Community to look for more information. Et voilà - here is your survey.

Thank you; I love Brave and use it as my default browser, but syncing bookmarks and being able to control / customize the New Tab page are big issues for me (and apparently, for a huge number of Brave users). I do appreciate that you folks are working hard, though, and I’m looking forward to the day when Brave with be the Browser of My Dreams! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for this survey, I’ve filled it out. I dearly miss syncing of open tabs and history. Brave is a great browser, and I really like it. But that’s a feature from Chrome that I dearly miss having and constantly need.

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Hi! Cannot understand Your sync feature in Brave. As I know thy synchronization at other browser’s it’s simple. At the first time you log in with an e-mail address and after that all your data goes to a cloud place (bookmarks and other things), after which can be restored, anytime. It’s useful when you have a new Windows installation…

Regards, grafrobi from Hungary

Feh, “lIstening to the users.”

This bug report has existed for almost 90 days and has yet even to be acknowledged by anyone at Brave. The problem closes out the entirety of RHEL and Centos from any Brave use because they’ve foolishly been building it against a too-recent version of glibc.

Given the weird behavior seen in recent Brave where changing to a different tab makes it lock up a CPU or two for 20-30 seconds before displaying the newly-selected tab, I’m at the edge of leaving Brave behind entirely.

@vanillaknot sorry I would scream @mattches to help out.

Thanks for this survey. I hope that means some love is going to sync now. I personally didn’t start using Brave until bookmark sync was a thing. Doesn’t feel like it was ready for prime time until it had that sorted. Next priority would be extensions for me. Having to keep track of them between computers is tedious.

Apropos features, I’d love to see tags in bookmarks too

Thanx for the encouragement, but sorry, no, I will not scream at anyone (other than my empty wailing here). Either there exists a proper software engineering process whereby bug reports are seen, acknowledged, and handled, or there does not. If there does not, screaming now will not instantiate it. Objective evidence up to this point about so fundamental a problem says that no such process exists – at this instant, necessarily there are literally zero new Brave users on RHEL and Centos platforms, and Brave doesn’t care, and has not cared for ~3 months. This speaks volumes.

i don’t think, some complaint just get drowned but others

Hiyah all. Thanks so much for taking this tiny survey on sync preferences. Gonna close this thread now but I appreciate the feedback and it really helps. Will be back soon.