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Hello All,

I understand that the syncing part of this browser is in beta (under development). I am using the Brave Browser Beta Build. That being said, this post is not for support, because I know the Brave Team is aware of this problem, and they are working hard to get it fixed.

So, do not try to organize your bookmarks, nor try to figure out how to because it might be a waste of your time…Lol. :smile: I just wanted to say that.

Also, I wanted to say that the Brave team is doing a great job and working hard to make this browser a great one. For me, out of the box, it is a very good browser.

To the Brave team, Thank you, and keep up the good work!


I just got through painstakingly chaining my tablet, my phone and two laptops together… and got nothing. They’re all still sporting the same individual settings I cobbled together when installing Brave. Was hoping to save the effort of adding each add-in that I need four. separate. times. But I found out that it’s still not working especially well, other than to show the other chained devices in a list. I also appreciate it’s a beta, and I like Brave - but come on guys; a little more warning that this is only decorative at this stage would be nice! Thanks for the rest of it though. Champion job, and (for me) the smallest memory footprint on the planet! Mucho kudos to the team.

The 3rd party extension FVD Synchronizer has solved all of my syncing woes and is cross platform.

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Thanks for the FVD Synchronizer citation!

I checked the product description. It’s unclear whether FVD Synchronizer treats one installation as source and other(s) as target(s), conforming target(s) to the source with additions and deletions as needed. When I’ve tried it, Brave’s Sync treats everything in the sync chain as a peer and transfers entries in both directions with no hierarchy. This leads to (for me) massive duplications; unacceptable. FVD Synchronizer’s product description leaves this question unanswered.

It’s not your job to explain their product but can you shed light on this? Thanks.

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I don’t remember the exact configuration technique, but I do know that I was able to migrate from my Former primary browser, Chrome, to Brave to multiple new Chrome and Brave installs on other workstations without any duplicates. Once setup, I could cause changes on one browser to be reflected on the other browsers, which is what I want, since it makes me browser agnostic when I bookmark something.

There is a way to force the server to take your initial upload from the browser of your choice and then suck it off from other browsers, and preserve the folder structures. I am not 100% positive if it is good for merging two browsers with their own bookmarks, etc. because that was not my use case.

I started by trying to use Brave Sync and I gave up because I ran into the same problem: duplicates, loss of folder hierarchy, etc. Plus there are times when I need to jump over to another browser and would like the cross-platform option.

Edit: Yes there is a merge option.

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Thanks once more.

What’s worked for me with Brave installations under Windows 7, though there are two major caveats: I use Microsoft’s (free!) SyncToy 2.1 application: to transfer my Brave user profile from the source computer to target(s). In W-7 installations, the Brave user profile is an entry similar to:

C:\Users*****\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\

where C:\ is where Brave is installed and ***** is your user name.

Two caveats: first, many (not all) preferences are restored to their defaults; second, extensions must be re-installed.

The good news for me is that in addition to transferring bookmarks (with the folder structure) I found that though I had to re-install uBlock Origin, that extension’s customization (which is many entries) was also successfully transferred. I do this rarely so the inconvenience is minimal. With W-7’s end-of-life just around the corner, I’m interested in alternatives like, perhaps, FVD Synchronizer. Again: thanks.

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Syncing is rather terrible. I absolutely cannot get bookmarks synced properly. On first try it took ages for it to do it and in the end it just erased huge number of them on my desktop. Cleaned it all and re-imported them on desktop from other browser and it has been “syncing” for 2 hours and it’s still all messed up on my iPhone. Deleted them all on desktop and now I’m waiting for ages for bookmarks to get cleared from phone before importing them again. I’m looking forward to it working well, but at the moment it’s very unreliable which is a shame because I’m starting to like Brave quite a bit.

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