Uphold wallet limit after having to reinstall Win10


I had an issue with the OS on my desktop, and had to reinstall windows. I had backed up all folders for Brave/Chromium, in my user dirs/program data/program files, and restored them. After I had everything set my walled was unverified. Everything else is exactly like it was before the reinstall.

I was thinking that since I had restored everything that I wouldn’t have a problem but it’s giving me a limit error. I have it set up on four devices, and my desktop was the first one that I set up a year or two ago.

Is there any way to get this resolved? Can all of my devices be reset, and I can just re add them> Since this is happening I’m thinking that the BAT for November may be messed up or missing as well. It’s not a ton but I’d still like to have it.

Thank you in advance for your help!


use this to reset 1 deivce Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

Thank you for the help! I’ve done what was suggested in the link that you gave me.

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You are very welcome! Just be aware the wait times will take very long now as there are a lot of people doing this… And it is only 1 device only at this time.