I can't verify my wallet after a Windows re-install

Hi community.
I’ve been using brave rewars for a year or so, without any problems.
From time to time I use to reinstall windows in order to clean it, and last time I did it I wasn’t able to connect my uphold wallet anymore.
Any hints or help to fix this issue?
Thanks in advance!!!

@leGordeau what happens when you attempt to verify?

@steeven a quick pop-up window appears which I can’t read at all, and then it goes to the previous screen with the “verify wallet” button, as if I wouldn’t do anything.
If I click the brave rewards icon in the upper bar, a pop-up appears that says I’ve reached the limit of connected devices.
Is there anything I can do? Can I disconnect any of the other devices?
Thanks in advance.

Brave limits you to four devices/profiles per custodian (Uphold/Gemini) per lifetime. Reinstaling Windows counts as a new device. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to regain the wallet allotments by unlinking a Brave Rewards account, but the Brave team is working on a solution. In the mean time, your options are to link to a Gemini account instead, or to donate the BAT to your favorite content creators.


Thank you very much for the info!!!
I hope the Brave Crew can give any solution to this circumstance.

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