Brave rewards device limit on the same device


I just did a clean upgrade to Windows 11, on the computer I use every day.
I reinstalled Brave, but when I try to connect my wallet to my Uphold account, it says that the device limit has been reached.

I already read the article about the 4 device limit, but the fact is that I didn’t even change my device, it’s still the same computer, but with a fresh OS.

Is there a way to delete all devices linked to the wallet?
Or are you planning an update very soon about this issue?

Otherwise, before upgrading, I had backed up the Brave “AppData” folder.
Can I restore specific folders or files from there to reconnect to the wallet?


Windows 11 Pro (x64)
Brave v1.36.122

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Reinstallation count new device.


I have exactly the same problem, I hope they can fix it.
I am attentive to this post, if you manage to fix it, I would appreciate it if you tell me how you did it.

I found this post, explaining how to exceptionally unlink one wallet:

I submitted a request, and I’m waiting for it to be processed.
Even if it works, it’s a temporary fix. The post is 6 months old, so I don’t know if an official feature will be available soon.


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Link to Brave GitHub project. You can track the project there. Is in testing phase but hasn’t moved from that status in about 20 days and no updates.

Supposedly going to be released in April/May, but that has not been confirmed. Best to submit a wallet unlinking request (“Unable to re-verify wallet” post above) for now.

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That is the correct link.

The problem in our case is not solved by unlinking the account because the device is the same.

Also, I have another verified account on a mobile that doesn’t work, I can’t fix that with the unlink link either.

From what I’ve read in other posts, Brave is working on making bindings unlimited in April.

It matters not if the device is the same if you have done a reset or reinstall on your device.

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@Chocoholic Thank you for the github link.

@AxlMelot If I understand how it works, and as @Herrvader said, Brave does not rely on a “physical” device or a MAC address as I thought. If we completely uninstall Brave and delete all cache files everywhere in the system, we will have the same issue.

I received the confirmation email for my request, so it took 8 days, and I was able to link one new wallet.

The email also states: “Please note that we are removing the linking limit completely in coming months.”, as we already know.

I hope it will be released soon, to be able to verify my other devices, and for everyone having the issue.


You will get one device removed per request. I should have stated that, though I believe it says that somewhere in all of that info. If you have another device you want removed, simply do another request. And yes, the plan to remove the limit is in place, but I wouldn’t count on it happening anytime soon. Glad you were able to get some forward momentum and thank you for the update!

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@Herrvader Thank you for the clarification.

If the unlinking article is still up-to-date, it states: “Note that at this time, we can only remove one wallet per custodial account” (so not per request).

Are you sure we can send another request? I don’t want to overload the support if another request can not be processed.


It is per request. I have had 2 removed via that process. Just make sure to list the 2 wallet addresses you want to keep on the request. They will then remove one of the others (non active) associated with your account.

@Herrvader Thank you for the confirmation. I will send another request today, and update this topic once the request is processed.

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I received the confirmation email for my request, so it took 19 days.
However, I’m still unable to link the wallet from my Android phone.

When I click on “Verify”, it opens the Uphold app. Then I click on “Reauthorize”, and I get the message: “Something went wrong. Please try again.” (in the Uphold app, not in Brave).

I tried this: Cannot login my brave account with uphold - #17 by Mattches
But with this method I get the device limit error in the Brave app.

I don’t know if I have to wait, if my request hasn’t been properly processed, or if this is caused by something else. If you have any advice or solution I’m interested!


Delete the uphold app, then verify via the mobile web page. That’s been happening to quite a few android users, including myself. Then you can redownload the app.
Unfortunately, that’s the same thing Matches has said to do. If you can’t reverify because your getting the device limit error again, try and dm @mattches or @steeven and tell them what is happening. They may be able to expedite the issue.

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I messaged @mattches, and he manually unlinked an unused wallet.
Then I used his method, and it worked.

Thanks for the help, I hope that the limit will be removed soon for everyone.


I didn’t realize that the Mattches workaround was different. I thought was the same just with more steps (like disabling shields/cookies in step 4). Does Mattches’ workaround not work?

So, here is Mattches workaround

  1. Uninstall the Uphold app from your phone
  2. Open Brave and visit
  3. Login to your Uphold account
  4. Open the Shields panel after logging in (lion icon in the address bar) and change the cookies setting to All cookies allowed
  5. Now tap the BAT icon and then Verify wallet
  6. Reauthorize your account using the browser

Here is my interpretation of what you are saying

  1. Uninstall the Uphold app from your phone
  2. Open Brave and visit
  3. Login to your Uphold account
  4. Verify/Authorize account within Uphold? (Is this what you are saying? So steps 4, 5, & 6 are not performed?)

I am asking because I put Mattches workaround in User Solutions: Brave Release 1.38.x (and the prior topic). If his workaround does not work, then I need to change / link to the correct information.

Thanks! :smiley:

@Deaudouce sorry for posting off-topic. I really want to make sure as much as possible that accurate information is displayed in the User Solutions topic. Please excuse. :smiley:

Edit: Grrr, I think I misread… you said “same thing” and I read “not same thing”, I guess because I saw “Unfortunately”. Sheesh. Please just confirm Mattches workaround is valid so my mind will be at ease. And I need to focus more when I read… :wink:

No, you’re right. His does have more steps but the OP had already tried that. And sometimes, just removing the uphold app works. I know this because it did for me.

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OP said that it did after Mattches manually unlinked a wallet. So, Bob’s your uncle!

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lol Thank-you! I had to look that one up! But then it started to sound vaguely familiar so probably have heard it before. Just not a saying used in this area much. We do use the later gator and c’est la vie sayings if that counts. lol

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