Uphold verification problem

Hi i have connected my Brave browser to uphold account. My Uphold shows browser is connected. But when I check the browser it’s asking me to verify again. It shows my bat balance but not my uphold account or name. I just want to be sure it’s connected.

@Mattches @steeven Please help.

@yaprasad2003 I am assuming that you would be OK. The best way to check it out is to go ahead and click on the verify button and all it’s gonna do is have you login to your Uphold account again. The benefit of logging in there as you’ll be able to see your Uphold balance from the Brave Rewards menu there, plus it lets you feel more comfortable in knowing it’s connected.

I know it had disconnected my android the other day and I had to sign in again, Because I like to make sure everything is all together and never take any risks.

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i also face the same problem

Hi yes, i tried verifying again, uphold says “something went wrong”. Still not working.

@Mattches please can you help

I believe i have the answer you are looking for.

I assume that when you attempt to authorize uphold, it opens the uphold app to do it.

What worked for me was uninstalling uphold. This forces verification through the browser instead. I disabled brave shield in the browser and completed reauthorization with no problems. I still havent gotten my BAT though.

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