Dear Frustrated Android Users,

Have you been unable to Verify your Brave Browser BAT Wallet with your Uphold account?

I have a SOLUTION: Uninstall Uphold.
It’s really that simple. Uninstall the Uphold App, open the Brave Browser, tap Rewards and select Verify. Instead of launching the Uphold app and preventing you from getting to the correct link to verify the account… it’s going to make you sign into Uphold via your Brave Brower. Almost as soon as you sign in you’ll be verified again and able to receive payouts!
I was late to this forum, this solution, and thought I had exhausted all of my options. I am only passing this info along in hopes that someone who is as frustrated as I was can use this workaround. This should be patched in the near future. Mention has been made on Brave’s Github but no fix has been offered.

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