I am unable to verify Uphold on my mobile Brave browser


I have the Brave browser running on both my pc and android phone. I’ve been collecting BAT on both for over a year so I decided to create an uphold account and get my BAT onto there. I did it first with my pc browser and all my BAT transferred there without issue.

When I try to verify my uphold wallet on my mobile android Brave browser, it crashes my browser every time. I am running Brave 1.34.80 on my Android 10 phone.

I thought about reinstalling the Brave browser on my phone but won’t that reset my BAT to 0? What else could be the issue?


Definitely do not re install it because yes that will result in the BAT going away. I would see if @fanboynz or @Mattches can help.

Hey can you tell me how you’ve linked your android to uphold? just verify the wallet in brave mobile right? because I’ve verified it, but still haven’t received the payout.

I have the exact same problem.
I tried to unlink brave through the uphold application, and I still can’t authorize.
On the uphold app, it says “something went wrong. Please try again”

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Same problem, have been using Brave Android for about a year now with no issues. Then my Uphold got disconnected somehow and couldn’t verify thru the Uphold app.
Uninstalled Uphold app.
Power cleared phone (restart)
From Brave rewards page, click on Verify
Should give Uphold as only option
Should open Uphold in another tab/window, log into Uphold
My wallet is now verified

Note: with the MILLIONS OF USERS now using Brave, payments are coming but you have to give Brave maybe a few extra days to receive payment. And make sure your “Auto-contribute” is Off! I gave away more than a few BATs by accidentally fat fingered it on :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this helps (send me a tip :grin:)

If the Uphold app is installed and an error occurs because the Uphold app cannot handle it, you do not need to delete the app.

Just enter the application in the settings of your Android smartphone and change the settings of the Uphold app so that the connection with Uphold is connected to the Brave browser.

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