Uphold refuses to work with me

I’m a content creator and I have rewards available to me in my account.

Uphold requires a secondary ID, to which I am not going to spend another $30+ on verification (that I won’t even use) when my valid Drivers License should be enough.

Am I to assume that my “rewards” are on lock down or is there another way to cash out? If I cannot get paid from my subscribers through BAT then I’d rather just delete the browser.

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@emfurgas sorry We can’t handle uphold issues but I can offer this Brave has a civic partnership https://brave.com/brave-civic-partnership/ . So if you can wait a little longer this would be implement. sorry for the uphold stress

many of us want direct withdraw either to a hardware wallet address of some other eth wallet address. uphold is like a major roadblock for us users in this regards because there is yet only one option i.e “uphold”. which doesn’t let us complete KYC like the OP said above. why would anyone spend money to get KYC’d. this will be major hurdle in implementation/working or something like that. because there are many content creators and referral rewards earner as well. their earning are stuck at “Brave Publisher Panel” and will stuck there until uphold clears them. if not then Creators will not come on this platform.
Needs to Implement more methods to transfer or withdrawl.


We need alternative right now!!!


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