Brave - BAT Token reward: Urgent help required


I have a query to ask. I’d want to donate my BAT Tokens to content creators, and for this, I’m stuck at the uphold account creation. Can anyone guide me on this, what is the next step? Can I get a verified uphold account of my friend to reward the creators?

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You do not need to register for an Uphold account in order to tip your favorite content creators via the Brave browser.

Here is how to tip. No signup required:

Also works with YouTube channels and Twitch!



I want to transfer my referral balance to the uphold account. So for that, can I use a different uphold account of my friend to link with my brave publishers account? Cause uphold didn’t verify my account.



A similar question was answered here:

In short, using someone else’s Uphold account is a violation of our Terms of Service.

Try your best to get verified, and please contact Uphold support to get more information about why your verification did not pass. If Uphold’s final decision is to deny your verification, then unfortunately you are out of luck. We may offer different options/vendors in the future for publishers, and perhaps you will be able to pass their verification.

Thank you for your understanding.

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