Creator BAT not transferring?

Hi team,

Got my YT account connected as a Brave Creator, got a bit of BAT in there, was wanting to see if I can get it transferred out into my connected UpHold account.

There is no button and its been awhile since anything has updated, how do I get it out of there into my UpHold account?

We know there is on the moment a issue with the BAT not transferring to uphold read the other feeds. but you can send your wallet ID to @steeven in a DM maybe he can help.
For the problem solution(fix) it has been tested in NIGHTLY dont know if it is already in BETA

Thank you @Menno for the quick reply. Im new to Brave, but i signed up 3 years ago and left it running.

Some happy news

@Menno thanks! that is good news, hoping this covers the Creator Rewards, not just the bug iv seen around normal brave browser rewards.

If @Menno’s suggestion didn’t fix things for you, I recommend you repost your question in the Publishers subform of the community, which is designated for content creator issues. You will be more likely to get the help you need there.

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