Uphold Wallet verify help

hello, i need help!
i’m a Verified member since December 2018 in Uphold and I am registered on the site because of the brave.
But in my account of brave Rewards for creators in your uphold wallet show that i’m connected but after said that “To receive your contribution balance, you’ll need to fully verify your identity on uphold”.
But has i said, i’m verified in the Uphold website.
can anyone help me solve this problem?

Hi @nprsilvacrypto,

Welcome to community! Can you PM me the email linked to your account and I’ll check to see if you’re KYC’d.

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Hi steeven, thanks for your replay.
I already send you by private message.

Thanks for the help

Hi! Here is what I see in your account, that the KYC process has not been completed.

Have you successfully received payouts in the past?

hi Steeven,
thanks for the replay.

I don’t understand!!
Were are you seeing that? in the Brave platform or in the Uphold platform?
in the my Uphold platform have the information that i’m verified since december 2018.
I never received any payment from Brave in my Uphold account,

I don’t know what to do… I don’t have that information in my Uphold page or Brave creator page.

Ho steeve, can you please replay. I don’t know what to do.
Tell me what it’s the next step. Knowing that I have my account verified in my uphold account since December 2018.

Please replay

Hi @nprsilvacrypto - taking it back to our PM.

Hi steeven, do you have any news? I really don’t know what is the problem!

I need some help on this. If you cannot help please give me the contact of someone else that can. Your silence it’s not good. Thanks

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