Cannot connect the Uphold wallet (Your Uphold Wallet: Connection problems)

I get “Connection problems”. Not sure what the error is, it just says “Connection problems”. I’ve signed up for but have not provided them with my ID card. Do I have to upload my documents in order to start using Brave Rewards as a creator? If so I think this is gonna be a big hurdle for the on boarding process guys.

Also if the above is correct, it should probably be explained on the ‘Brave Rewards | Creators’ page.

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I’m also having this problem. :pensive:

Same problem. I even restored my wallet, but it still won’t connect on the Brave Publisher’s page. It loads and then just says “Connection Problems.” Reached out to support and they said to ask the question in the Brave community. How helpful…

Hi @JSmith1,

Welcome to community, and thanks for your post!

Other users have reported similar behavior and our team is looking into this now. I’ll be in touch with an update asap.

Thanks for your patience here!

You need a verified Uphold account in order to receive the contribution. More Uphold KYC (know-your-customer) verification is now required in order to receive BAT publisher payouts


I see. Well that’s fine but something which I was confused about is that my account was showing “Not approved” and I was thinking I need to have the Uphold set it up before collect any of the BAT tips/rewards. Now I can see my account is approved and it is collecting and I don’t need to connect with Uphold (not till I decide to withdraw those tokens).

This should be made clearer - that you don’t need the Uphold integration initially. Most of the people want to try it out and they won’t go through KYC if there is not a good reason to do so (i.e. they have collected a meaningful amount of tokens). I don’t want to go through a rather tedious KYC process if I have 5 BATs in the account. Of course if it start picking up speed then I will.

Hello Everyone,
This message will be a bit of a rant, and/or frustration because I am a creator and wanted to support Brave and the BAT token, and wanted to spread the word so that everyone can enjoy this cool new browser. BUT I am afraid that I currently will no longer do so. This is because of the association with the company UPHOLD.
I don’t know who made this executive decision, but honestly it all feels like a SCAM. Uphold makes it near impossible to create and account, and I am not willing to put in all the effort into recommending this Browser for my followers to be angry at me because I steered them down the path of of UPHOLD H*LL HOLE!
To be honest, I am not sure why this wasn’t printed in BIG BOLD RED letters before we were mentioned in the Marketing to register the channels that we have that we would have to make a deal with the Devil, and Never see your money!
Love you Brave, but I am not willing to sell my followers down Dante’s Inferno of Centralized continuum.
I am going to write what the experience has been so you are FULLY AWARE of what others will be experiencing and what will stop your project right in it’s tracks. ESPECIALLY, when people Find out that their coins/tokens are not accessible, and God FORBID they start to gain value and you have the Uphold Cartel keeping the tokens hostage. Does this sound familiar anyone? Well if it doesn’t look up Bitconnect and you will certainly get a hint of what I am suggesting to.

Where to begin? Well it all started when I just wanted to log in. That was a nightmare because as I did I never got the confirmation notification which was indicated on their website. So I hit the forgot password on thier site, and never got anything. FOR MONTHS!!!
So a couple months later when I decide to take some time off and deal with this I try again, but this time I contact support.
Well Support tells me that I am supposed to send them ALL MY DATA packaged in a nice little bow.
Um? WHAT? Sorry, You mean to tell me that I cannot even access your site, and I am supposed to send you my social security number? Passport, Driver’s License, and first born baby’s rights?
Um… Do I know you? How long have you been in business? And why exactly do you need this information when I am NOT exchanging anything for FIAT. I am merely just trying to get tokens which I am not going to do anything other than put in a paper wallet.
But even if I wasn’t WHY do you need this information exactly? Am I being punked right now?
So needless to say I told them that I no longer what that account, and decided that as much as I LOVE Brave, and the project and want to support it. I just don’t want to align myself with ANYTHING that has to do with a shady company or business which doesn’t even let me log in, to view anything, yet you want to collect my data, and WAIT? Do you have access to my secret private keys too?
Because if that is the case then WHY am I using this service exactly? Oh wait, You mean to tell me that you get to keep ALL of that MONEY that will grow in value if You decide I cannot access your platform?
I’m sorry what?
Yeah, No thanks. Until Brave decides to be BRAVE and move away from Strangle Hold …erhm I meant Uphold. I will not participate in the Creator program.
Much love,
If your change please send us an e-mail if things change. Till then, Have to say it’s a No go from me.


Sometimes there are network problems. Other times this is happening on uphold. I gave Brave browser camera permissions. I have no idea what permission they want more.

Can we not go with some other exchange or direct wallets?

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i am facing same problem, even my uphold account is fully verified and kyc is done.

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