Cannot connect the Uphold wallet (Your Uphold Wallet: Connection problems)

I get “Connection problems”. Not sure what the error is, it just says “Connection problems”. I’ve signed up for but have not provided them with my ID card. Do I have to upload my documents in order to start using Brave Rewards as a creator? If so I think this is gonna be a big hurdle for the on boarding process guys.

Also if the above is correct, it should probably be explained on the ‘Brave Rewards | Creators’ page.

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I’m also having this problem. :pensive:

Same problem. I even restored my wallet, but it still won’t connect on the Brave Publisher’s page. It loads and then just says “Connection Problems.” Reached out to support and they said to ask the question in the Brave community. How helpful…

Hi @JSmith1,

Welcome to community, and thanks for your post!

Other users have reported similar behavior and our team is looking into this now. I’ll be in touch with an update asap.

Thanks for your patience here!

You need a verified Uphold account in order to receive the contribution. More Uphold KYC (know-your-customer) verification is now required in order to receive BAT publisher payouts


I see. Well that’s fine but something which I was confused about is that my account was showing “Not approved” and I was thinking I need to have the Uphold set it up before collect any of the BAT tips/rewards. Now I can see my account is approved and it is collecting and I don’t need to connect with Uphold (not till I decide to withdraw those tokens).

This should be made clearer - that you don’t need the Uphold integration initially. Most of the people want to try it out and they won’t go through KYC if there is not a good reason to do so (i.e. they have collected a meaningful amount of tokens). I don’t want to go through a rather tedious KYC process if I have 5 BATs in the account. Of course if it start picking up speed then I will.