Brave Login rewards never issued my BAT

Last month Brave Content rewards program said it was going to deposit my BAT Feb. 8th and my account never did it. The progress bar was almost finished and then it went away Feb 8th without a deposit, it’s scheduling now for March 8th but I don’t want the same thing happening again if it does, thanks for the help!


Hi @aeromesi - thanks for writing in. Have you successfully completed KYC with Uphold?

Yes I’ve completed KYC on Uphold awhile ago. I’ve gotten payments before and moved the funds out of Uphold. It says “The payout report is currently generating. Please check back later” but it was like that last month with the 3 stages of confirming until deposit was gonna go through and when it completed on the 8th it never went through. Just trying to get it to not happen on this 8th of the month

And it did it again today… Now it’s saying my next deposit is the 8th of April :confused:

@steeven My account appeared to go through the payout process but no payout or statement was created. Now it’s saying it’ll payout next month and all the the BAT is saying it’s from the current period.

Edit: It looks like this was the Github payout issue for me.

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