Brave Rewards Not Synching to Uphold

Hi there,

My Brave CreatorsRewards BAT Are not syncing to my uphold wallet. I verified my Uphold wallet before the deadline please investigate.

I can’t do much but i want to give you advice, don’t paste your internals.

In here, this counts like personal info, here is common to be sended to the admins by DM.

Thank you ambrocioisaias, please delete my info from your reply mate

If you are saying that you haven’t received the payment of this month…

have you seen the megathread of this month.

Hi there,

My query is that I have linked my Brave content creators rewards account to uphold.
However there is now way of transferring my BAT from Brave content creators rewards page.

I linked my Uphold wallet to Brave before the deadline for content creators.

The transfer is made automaticly every 8 -12 every month. If that didn’t happend and you are sure you collected the rewards before the deadline, please check the thread i liked, seems like an issue related. There you can ask for support from @steeven one of the admins in this community.

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