Uphold Fees way to high


I wonder if it is possible to use another wallet instead of Uphold for holding BAT. They have ridiculous fees ($32 for transferring between ETH networks) and the standard price for transfer is definitely not that much. It is honestly disgusting how much their fees are and a disgrace to the cryto community.

Please let me know if I can change the wallet.

Just so you know this isn’t just for standard people browsing, but even for artists and content creators . We can pay them all the BAT that we earn, but they lose it any way with the Uphold fees.

just convert to a NOT Ethereum token… like XLM and your fees will drop to almost zero…
You should learn a bit more about Crypto before grunt over here and there


Hi Infoxvids

I appreciate and understand that going to a non Ethereum token like XLM or XRP will have near zero fees for both the swap and the transfer.

My main point is Ethereum network fees on my other wallets are 1/10th of Uphold. I understand Ethereum network fees are high (probably due to increase of D-Apps using the network) and better to use a other network, but the fact Uphold is 10x more expensive than MEW, Trust, Metamask, and Exodus is my issue.

If I could plug in my existing wallet, then I wouldn’t even have to transfer. I could just have everything go to Metamask or Trust and stay as BAT.

Sorry if it seemed I was “grunting” here and there, just honestly surprised about uphold gas fee and wondering if own wallet could be supported. I don’t think I need to “learn more about crypto” though as my crypto knowledge is not the concern here. Saying that just felt rude…

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u can try use exchange site to transfer your fund in uphold to xlm or dash and then to bat
exchange site like changenow u will send for example dash and u will recive bat in ur Trustwallet
I am just giving you an example I am not responsible for any errors for using any site

I got other wallets too (Metamask, Trust, etc…) and they got exactly the same fees on the Ethereum network tokens… (in the same day in the same hours in the same minutes!)
so… I don’t have any evidence Uphold got higher fees than others
nevertheless every wallets apply different fees at different time…

Anyway I find this tread worthless and just aimed to discuss about the sex of an angel

Have a nice day

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