Insane BAT fees by Uphold


I understand the sudden surge in crypto market and that ETH is heading to the skies rn, but that does not change the fact that Uphold is a parasite company, who effectively holds any BAT earnings within its grasps. I am really saddened that Brave has to cooperate with them instead having a solution where crypto would be paid out right into user wallet and not using middle party.

The dream of having BAT freely redistributed in personal wallet is long gone by now. There is no way to get BAT not via web or mobile app into own wallet without paying excruciating fees.

Even despite having ETH quite overloaded, they never charged (like other wallets) a fraction of what is being sent, instead they charge gas fee plus a fee to them which is usually higher than the sum in transaction keeping the tokens captive in their grasp.

Do you guys planning to move away from these corpo-gluttons anytime soon, or shall I simply stop taking care about this project?



Unfortunately, I totally agree.

IMO it’s very unlikely…

Agree, unfortunately. I went to transfer BAT last month and saw a new line item at Uphold…“Fees”. That never happened before, so I looked into it and yep, Uphold now charges a fee to move BAT. Funny thing is, all over the Uphold site it says “0 Fees”…not so much.

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