Uphold now charging 10 bat network fee

I am not sure if this is something that the brave community can do anything about but I thought I would post anyway. I have been a brave browser user now for a number of years and I like the concept of Brave. I get paid for viewing adverts and I really like the idea behind the bat token. It is something that anyone can get involved in.
I decided to day to transfer my bat from my uphold account in to my own wallet for safe keeping. It wasn’t much 6 bat but uphold wanted 10 bat for the privilege. This seems extortionate to me. I wondered if this was a fee because the amount was so small. No, I actually transferred 2 bat to my own wallet a few months ago.
I love brave and bat but I am not sure that I like this amount of bat being taken from me every time I want to do a transfer. I didn’t choose Uphold as my preferred partner for storing bat it was chosen for me.
Is there any way in future releases we can choose to use a different exchange or maybe the integration of unstoppable domains. I don’t believe Uphold is behaving in a way that the brave browser and the bat community believes in. Just my opinion though


I thought the network fees was 1 BAT, there is another solution for now, you can exchange BAT to XRP and then withdraw the XRP to you XRP wallet.
Instant Transfer and Lower fees

Actually this is not a brave or even uphold problem, is a problem from ethereum blockchain due to high gas fees. Any token based in ethereum is more less experiencing this now. What you can do is what @Abhishek510 suggest. Try and exchange your BAT tokens to other coin (not based on ethereum) to get a lower fee and send it to your wallet.

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