Can't Withdraw BAT From Uphold BAT Wallet-Don't Like UPHOLD!

I really don’t see why we need to have a verified account anymore anyway… I would rather use the native brave wallet and trade somewhere else.

I love everything accept that…I don’t even want to trade on uphold…I’d rather transfer my BAT to the native BAT wallet in brave and be done with it…what’s with the middle man?

Anyway…I been getting my ad rewards and I just verified my awesome mostly for fun blogsite.

Maybe I’ll start getting some tips and They will go into my native brave wallet! That would be epic!

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I just tried to do this over the weekend as I deleted uphold. I only had about 5 Euro worh BAT and I emailed uphold to keep it just close the account. They refused. Transfering the Bat to a external Wallet was not possible as the fees for withdrawal Bat worth 5euro, was 13euro. In the end I converted the bat to litecoin and then transferred them to a Wallet. I hope they closed the account now that it’s empty.

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Hey I’m glad it isn’t just me…lol LTC yea? Like duh…To be fair I did think of XLM but I think the BAT is actual in my native BRAVE wallet… I am hooking up to BSC and ETH Main with Metamask without a hitch on quite a few DAO’s and music streaming sites like rocki…but it doesn’t seem like any sites offer an option to choose between metamask or BRAVE wallet…js

BTW: I did get on the waiting list to get the uphold debit card…convert to usd and spend if I need to. Sucks uphold is so limited though.

If you use Uphold, you can transact BAT to XRP and withdraw them to Ripple Network (you XRP wallet address anywhere on side wallet, exodus for example)

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Yeah Litecoin. I already had their basic wallet. I don’t trade crypto I just use it now and then in online casinos outside Europe. Litecoin is perfect for it.

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I might actually check that out :ok_hand: should be pretty low transaction fees if I remember correctly. :thinking:

I still wish I could just move my BAT to the native brave wallet or metamask and be done with it…js

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For moving the BAT worth 5 euros out of uphold they wanted about 18 euros in fees. The lite coin fees were low.

This was 3 weeks ago. Today i got a email from uphold. My account is closed. 3 Weeks!!!

:thinking: why? What was the reason for your account being closed?

It seems transaction fees for sending 95% of anything on the ETH blockchain are way too high. I have been holding out for the UpHold debit card that and I have receive notifications about staking options coming to UpHold…Kinda interesteing to think of what benefits could come from staking bat :man_shrugging: