Any other wallet other than Uphold

Can I transfer BAT to another wallet besides Uphold? Uphold’s withdraw fees to the blockchain are way too damn high. If someone could tell me how to do this it’d be great. I don’t feel like being robbed every time I want to withdraw BAT to my ethereum wallet from Uphold. Thanks!

no other option than uphold for now, withdrawal fees for BAT were 0 (maybe they changed that)

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+1 on this issue.

In my case, it’s the quality of customer service over there that swings me to supporting an alternative wallet. Either way, whatever the reason, it’s good for people to have a choice.

Well I wasn’t trying to withdraw BAT. I traded off the BAT for ETH and when I wanted to withdraw the ETH they wanted to charge me half of what I had in the wallet. F’in ridiculous.

Maybe next time I’ll withdraw the BAT to my wallet first then trade it if the fees are truly zero

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