Unable to transfer crypto from Brave Crypto Wallet

I transferred BAT from my Uphold account to my crypto wallet in the Brave Browser. Now, I am unable to trade or transfer that same BAT back to Uphold or any other wallet for that matter. Can someone please help me get this issue resolved? Every time I try to send that BAT using the “Send” tab, the “Next” button does nothing. I don’t know if this is a glitch or what, but this BAT has been sitting in my Brave crypto wallet for months now and I can’t get it to transfer to my Coinbase Wallet, Bitpay Wallet, Crypto Wallet, Bitcoin Wallet or Uphold Wallet despite all my efforts.

Silly question, did you have ETH to cover the gas fee?

BAT is an Ethereum token, so I assumed it would automatically withdraw the fee from that. This could be the problem I’m having. So if I have BAT on my crypto wallet, I have to have the transaction fee amount in ETH in order for it to transfer to another wallet? appreciate your help!

Yes, you’ll still need an eth in your crypto wallet for the gas fee.

I sincerely appreciate your help! Thank you so much and have a blessed day!

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