Uphold enormous fees

Hello Brave world

I really like your browser and I really like to use it.
Also I have recommend it to all my friends that are using it to.

A nice feature is that you are rewarded with the BAT token.

After registering to Uphold and earning my first BAT token, I have tried to take it out when Uphold was charging me a high fee for the transfer. I know that a fee is required but not 35$-70$

After talking with Uphold I have closed my account there (and told them to keep the BAT earnings that I have made, as I would have paid the fee if I wanted to take them out), I have to say I will stop using Brave to if there is no alternative to that.

Uphold is ripping people off with their unjustified fees.

Well Brave if you want to work with Uphold further then is your decision. But I will not support Uphold and Brave to, if brave is supporting this crooks from Uphold. You Brave should have written somewhere that Uphold is supercharging users if they want to extract their BAT’s

Hope to hear from you if not then all good and I will tell my friends to stop using Brave to


You should have done some research bro!

Not only uphold almost every exchange charges higher fees for transferring bats because of BAT is built under Ethereum Blockchain and currently Ethereum has higher GAS fees!

You could have just converted BAT into XRP which has lower fees and then transfer it to your preferred wallet or exchange!


The Brave devs are working on giving us the option to use Gemini instead, but I’m not sure that will be a better option.

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Just convert your BAT to ripple then withdraw it only takes 0.00094 USD as transaction fees. I withdraw even 0.25 BAT using this method.

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