Network fee uphold 30BAT

Does anyone have a solution so that my monthly income can be withdrawn?


The blame for these abusive commissions is on the Ethereum network. The DEFIS are collapsing the network as happened with the Cryptokitties. Until they update to the Ethereum 2.0 network it will not improve and it will get worse with so much DEFI project. It is best to hold the tokens in Uphold for now.


Hey, using mobile app for transferring your bat may reduces that charges compares to website.

Try the uphold app once.

Just convert it to other #crypto.
If ever I want to withdraw my balance I always converted it to xrp because of its low transaction fee.
For now, maybe I’ll try to hold it until the value increases back.


Thanks for solution all

We are not even getting 0.01 bat for an AD and merely making 10 to 15 BAT in a month. now this Network fee is getting shittier… I am Done with this…

If they Really want us to be paid, then Tell them to make an option of adding Crypto Address so that they directly send their Tokens to us… Why this uphold? because they Share commissions with them.


Even an homless person can make atleast 30$ a month.
With brave …i guess you know that. lol(sad- behind this lol)

As it was stated it all has to do with the congestion on the ETH network. Brave has no control over the cost. I want to move my BAT to my other accounts as well because Uphold isn’t my main account but it will be for the moment.
People, if you don’t want to deal with BAT or Brave then that is your choice. Be done with getting something for doing nothing, no one is forcing you to use Brave OR opt into their rewards. I understand the Brave Team created this and promised BAT tokens, they need to hold true to their word but I’m not loosing my mind over it. I’m sure they will get it fixed even if it takes time.
At least the person asking about the issue was understanding of why the price has increased. Thank you @ fajaradip08 and thank you @ Ensaladilla

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