Uphold closed my creator account

I am publisher and creator.For my website I tried brave
then it navigate me to create verify account on uphold.com
I created account and verify my account but uphold send me email that they closed my account permanently,I asked why they didn’t say anything

for get brave reward only option is uphold.com ?
If not what should I do? And also I have iphone…In Ios app where reward icon?I write chrome://flags it didn’t open…Does brave reward only for android users?

Hi there,

Based on the results of our review, we regret to inform you that we cannot offer you an Uphold account at this time. Your account has been permanently closed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we wish you the best.

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Thanks for reaching out @blgsyrmhnds. I’m not sure if anything that we can help here about your Uphold account. But let me cc @asad on this.

For now, publishers need a verified Uphold account in order to receive the contribution. The team is working on other method so publishers can do KYC and use their own wallet.

First, Brave for iOS is not based on Chromium, but Apple’s engine. That’s why chrome://flags not works.

And yes, currently Rewards is only available for desktop and Android. The team still working on it to add Rewards support for iOS.

Hope that make things clear for you.

Sorry for the trouble you’re having!

At the moment Uphold is our only option for KYC, so if you can’t get your account verified with them there’s nothing we can do.

We’re working on adding support for other KYC methods in the near future. Your BAT will stay safe in your account in the meantime.

Uphold closed my account too. Said no reason. But I have internal info. They are a little bit racist, little bit cheaters. The Company’s behavior suggests that it may be a fraud company!!! So I suggest not to colaborate with them and wait for better alternative. Please Brave, give us better alternative. Uphold is total trash.

Thank you

Remember, it is still “beta”. Brave + BAT crypto is really good idea. But Uphold is not beta and their communication & behavior are strange. So I prefer not to call Brave team scammers at this time.

Then tell me how is it possible that many account blocked on payment date??

Can’t tell you anything about it. I just suggest to give them some time to release full product and we will see, who they are :slight_smile:

I have registered in this forum just to say that Uphold has completely deleted my account after depositing BAT. I don’t see them as a trustworthy company so I have also decided to stop using Brave. Hope that someday, BAT wallets won’t be managed by them.

any solution for uphold?

Hi, whole project Brave/Uphold seems to be a huge scam. Do not trust them.

Brave does not working on wallet solution and Uphold continues with steeling accounts and selling tokens for their own profit. Shame.

Why do you want KYC at all? We already have to prove ownership of any sites registered with you. None of the other crypto projects do this unless they are also using fiat currency.

More options for KYC, etc. will definitely be available in the future. Sorry you had a bad experience!

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