Uphold wouldn't accept my uphold account application, How can I get my Brave reward?


I have Brave reward accumulating, but uphold denied my account permanently as they suspected that I am fake person and didn’t even give me a chance to verify all data, (I have to say the way they accessed the application is not justified fairly)
Now, my question is, is Brave only connect to uphold, I have other similar BAT account, can I use others instead to retrieve my Brave reward that is already there?

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your bat already in your reward wallet the benefit from uphold that you can transfer it deposit or withdraw it and use it as you like but with the builtin reward wallet you can retrieve bats from ads and also to tip verified publisher

hope that help and have a nice day

Hi there,

No I can’t access to Uphold.
Whenever I clicked on Brave Rewards page, selected ‘verify wallet’ or ‘add funds’ or ‘withdraw funds’, they all redirected me to the same uphold’s website, and the uphold’s page just shown below:


Access denied

This account is closed. Please contact support for more information.


I then contacted uphold, they have no slight intention to help with my account, they simply don’t reply.

That’s why I want to know if there is other mean to take Brave’s BAT reward out…


Uphold is not neccesary to use your BAT.

Here you have two wallets.

Local wallet = the browser rewards wallet (this is not a real wallet on the whole meaning of the word, is just a virtual wallet, any BAT in it is virtual and it’s converted to real BAT when you tip creators or it’s credited to your uphold wallet. This can change in the future).

Remote wallet = Uphold wallet = verified wallet.

Said that, you can earn and collect BAT with a local wallet, the only con is that you can only use it to tip content creators.

If you want to exchange your BAT for real money or change it for other tokens or just take them out of brave ecosystem, you need an uphold wallet.

I do not now (i really don’t use it) if using the binance widget you can exchange tokens from your local wallet, but i don’t think so.

In any case, AFAIK the team is working to have other alternatives to uphold, but that Is going to take a while, so, the best you can do is save them in your local wallet and don’t lose your seed phrase.


that what i meant @Moni61 but @ambrocioisaias2808 explain it much better


I have the same issue. It took about a month after I sent through the requested documents and then decided to follow up with them, then Uphold sent a reply that they wouldnt accept/verify my account. Annoyingly they dont say why. Even after I asked I basically got an automated reply that might’ve well said “too bad, tough cookies”. Maybe I will try again after reaching the new 25BAT minimum.

Great explanation. I am having the same issue with Uphold. I did not even finishing submitting my application that they blocked me and they do not respond any e-mail or request. I do not understand why. I think Brave should take action in this matter with Uphold since it’s scaring many of users and encouraging them to leave the browser. Brave works wonders but the main reason people download it, is to be rewarded. If as a user you can’t be rewarded, you are going to end up leaving the browser, indeed. I hope we have an alternative solution for this soon.


Great explanation above.
I am having the same issue with Uphold. I didn’t even finished submitting my application when they blocked me and don’t respond any of my e-mails or requests. I simply don’t understand why.
I think Brave should take action in this matter with Uphold since it’s scaring many users and encouraging them to leave the browser. Brave works wonderfully but the main reason people downloaded it, is to be rewarded. If as a user you can’t be rewarded, you are going to end up leaving the browser, indeed. I hope we have an alternative solution for this soon.


Surprised to see the only authorized Uphold has causes this same problem to many others and myself.
I did write to Brave’s help center when reported this problem with Uphold one months ago, unfortunately, they didn’t response, I almost believe the reward thing is simply far-fetched illusion.

@Moni61 @rach
I have the same problem i’ve posted last month and has been responded by a Brave Admin:

Thanks for sharing, glad to see many people are in the same boat with Uphold, hope Brave will add another supplier soon and let everyone knows:)


Im having the exact same issue. After 2 months of a message in Uphold saying “Please wait while your ID is processed” and after many messages of me asking if the process will be done soon… They finally decided to block me with an automated email which said something along the lines of “sorry not sorry” (which btw, was the only email I ever got from them), not to mention the customer support was always very poor… It would be great if we could use an alternative to Uphold.

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I feel your pain! I left Uphold before I got on Brave because of the middle finger they gave me when dealing with them before. After I tried to reapply, during my attempt to link my wallet, they didn’t disappoint:

“Based on our review and assessment of your application, we have determined that we are not able to offer you a member account at this time. There are laws and regulations we must comply with and unfortunately, this decision is final and it is not subject to further review or appeal.”

Middle finger is still there!
So basically, thanks to Uphold we don’t really have BAT unless we buy it from Coinbase or swap other coins on some exchange. Once again, crypto manages to maintain the status quo.

Time to reset my wallet and turn off ads, too bad.

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They will reply eventually; it took them two months to reply to me… What seemed to make the difference is when you submit more than one ticket for the exact same incident. That got their attention when I submitted a second ticket. Of course they still gave me the middle finger so not sure there is anything to lose.

Indeed. I feel this is a setup by Brave and Uphold, they didn’t really want to give you the reward, otherwise with so many complaints, nothing change with Uphold. I close my ad reward as well. at some point, I might completely stop using Brave since the original reason draw me to use them didn’t provide any good.

In the meantime, I received (finally) response from Uphold, I quote below:
"Once your account has been closed, all access to your account will be terminated. We will additionally remove you from our marketing communications and your data will be removed from our online systems and securely held and only accessed if requested by a legal authority.
As a financial institution, our legal and regulatory compliance obligations require that we retain customer data for a period of 5 years after the end of the customer relationship…

It feels like they are just collecting people’s data (contact address, passport, personal information) this way, keep it for profit reason as may sell our data for illegal purpose) as they replied shows they will not remove my data from their system for 5 years, despite it never worked.
I am extremely cautiously now with all these freebie, it is a BAIT!

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