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I referred two of my friends also. Yes, no doubt the Brave Browser is faster as per my experience.
But, I would request for an alternative to uphold.com.
I recently signed up for Brave and Uphold.
I provided my passport and photo for KYC. Without any concrete information, they closed my uphold account and their support team couldn’t provide any exact reason.
But if you talk about giving rewards, choose a logical partner which understands its customer.
Brave customers, publishers, content creator are being attracted by rewards but if those rewards cannot be availed then there is no point of talking about rewards.
Either you give it properly or don’t give. Could you check what is going on with Uphold and why they are closing account.


Dear Brave Developers

We need Uphold Alternatives RIGHT NOW.


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@nithinsingh What is the link for ? This is a genuine problem, do put spam links.

Uphold is Brave’s heel! Just check the forum: almost all topics about users’ problems are devoted to Uphold, not Brave. And this is bad…

I was hoping the wallet will work directly in the browser. I’ll never provide my documents to 3d party services: the laws of my country prohibit the collection of this data without a special license!

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Is there any reason you need to sign up for Uphold? It’s built in.

The earned BAT coins can only be transferred using uphold account as per my understanding.
Uphold integration is built-in, but you need to sign up and link uphold account.
Brave is using third party (uphold) for allowing users to transfer BAT coins.

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