Uphold Account closed

Welcome all global brave users !
I wait 2 weeks to verified uphold account, But unfortunately results came the results * Based on our review and assessment of your application, we have determined that we are not able to offer you a member account at this time"

Ultimately I also lost creator profile, I don’t know what happen about the BAT which I ? I unable to log in creator account. Hope I again not able to transfer/load/withdraw upcoming gain BAT.

I liked/loved Brave but worry how moved further solving these issues.

If uphold/Brave have mutual agreement, why they haven’t provide us to upload necessary documents in many times until their requirement. They send message to us there are no chances of appeal/any means of action. So I suggest policy makers think on these issues.

If we never gain/approve uphold account, how/when/Where we transfer/withdraw further gain BAT, I think policy makers should display a clear road map on this issues so we haven’t worry on such tiny issues day by day.

And Lastly; can I regain my brave creator/publisher account? Or never I can’t gain it?

These are my self experienced issues until yet using brace reward platform and want to resolve soon.

Thank You
Brave Browser User

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same problem with me.
from bangladesh


Lots of users have same issues, So we pleased Brave to set another BAT withdraw platform such as Coinbase or other low fee based trading platform soon.

Thank You

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yes… Coinbase is batter then uphold and simple to use