Uphold account on multiple devices

Hello everyone!
I use Brave on multiple devices and have enabled rewards on all of them. As a result, I have BATs on each of my browsers.
I have logged into my Uphold account on every browser I could, and my Uphold account is awaiting verification.

When my Uphold account is verified, what will happen? Will I lose any BATs? Will all my wallets be merged?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

no, but your bat will be sent to your uphold’s wallet (from maximum 4 devices)

Right so does that mean Brave will still show me the BAT in the individual wallets of each of my browser and automatically (or maybe I have to do it) transfer those into the Uphold account?
So in the end, if I send every BAT I have on my Uphold account, I’ll have all of those BAT in the Uphold wallet, and every Brave wallet will be empty right?

yeah, currently there is some kind of bug that cause the bat to not be sent to uphold but a fix is confirmed on the next update.

yeah, exactly like that


every wallet will keep his own estimated pending rewards

Great! Thanks a lot! :wink:

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