Brave Rewards won't show up on Uphold


I have recently fully verified uphold account and decided to withdraw some BATS from brave rewards but after click on withdraw button and move to uphold wallet I can’t see my 137 BAT tokens. I have no clue why it may be like this. I read some topics about this problem a year ago but now is fixed and closed. Who is responsible for that bugs you or uphold?

Maybe my wallet has some issues, what info do you need to check it out?


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First of all, they get deposited every 5th of the month for the last month’s BAT. So next withdrawal will be on May 5th for April’s rewards.

But there is an issue going on.


I understand that BAT tokens are transfering from Brave Rewards to Brave Wallet every 5th of the month.
The thing is that from Brave Wallet where BATS are stored I can not send them to Uphold. I saw on some tutorial videos that after full Uphold verification is instant BATs transfer from brave to Uphold.
Is that right?

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That is not correct. It is still every 5th of the month.

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OK then, my Uphold verification is fresh so I’ll wait until 5th of May to see if they’ll transfer my funds to Uphold and then I’ll let you know if it works.

Thanks for your time.

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They will start paying out on the 5th of May. AND it may not work because of this bug.

They will start paying out which means that you will not get it then. It will take a few days after.

Thank you for instructions. I have updated browser to version 1.24.64 and it works. Brave sent some BATs to Uphold, but some strange thing has happen. Before update I had 137.5 BATs and with new version I have 152.5 BATs and on my Brave rewards account is now 152.5 BATs. Finally on my Uphold account just landed 15 BATs, should be 137.5. I don’t really know why this numbers.
I suppose that something strange has happen to my wallet while updating browser.

I took some screenshots. Is possible to have access to history of my account to see what’s going on?


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I see in the changelog there was some kind of fix for the bug I was speaking about above. I just updated and didn’t get anything.

Do you know how long it took for you to get those BAT?

And it is strange that you didn’t get all of it. I’m not sure how it works since I’m sure Brave is way behind with a bunch of people. They owe me about 25 BAT.

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I recived BATs maybe one minute after verification on the new Brave version so instant. I attach screenshot.

Dose anyone know why is like that and what I could do to fix it?

How long time you need? If long time taken, there put a manual button to transfer bat to uphold. Why don’t you do this?

I am having exact same issue. updated browser reconnected uphold. uphold is still not showing my correct brave browser balance. i have contacted uphold several times, they cannot help

I am currently using v1.23.75 and when I tried to disconnect and reconnect my Uphold acc, it did not work. I’ve disconnected it multiple times but as I refresh, no BAT has been added. Any ideas on why this is the case?

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